One Year of Blogging!!

My blog is over a year old now!!!

I got the notification that my blog turned one year some time in February but that was just such a crazy month for me that I didn’t write a blog about it.  Blogging has helped me out in so many different ways.  I feel like I have finally found a community that I can be a part of, my writing skills have improved, as well as my makeup skills.  I also type way faster now which still amazes me!

One Year of Blogging

To celebrate Makeup & Flowers’ first year I thought I would share with you some of my earlier posts that you maybe haven’t read.

Cool Girl: This is the post that really made me get into blogging.  This is a Polyvore outfit set and I made it when I was bored and decided to share it on my blog.  It got a few likes and I was super happy that even one person would like my outfit.

July’s Favorite Eight: This was my first favorites post and I was excited to post something like a favorites because I would love seeing Favorites videos on YouTube.

Florida Vacay!!☀️🐬👙 & Mexico Vacay!🇲🇽: Last year I was lucky enough to go on to vacations in a row.  I had so much fun on both and I was excited that I had some content to go on my blog since I wasn’t really sure what to write about yet.

e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen: My first review! The main picture from this post was my first attempt to take a good picture and edit it.  My pictures have gotten so much better now and it is one of the things that I am proud of.

Those are some of my earlier posts that I wanted to share with you all.  I hope you will check them out.  I just want to thank each and everyone that follows my blog! You all have helped me out so much to grow in so many ways.  Thank you for an amazing and for many more to come!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM


My Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes

One fun fact about me is that I have only even gone to a salon two times to get my nails done.  Both those times they where to get acrylics, once when I turned 15 and the other time a year ago.  I swore off acrylics after the second time because I realized that I love to switch up my nail color very often and taking those nails off is painful!!

I’ve never gone to the salon to simply get my nails painted because I absolutely love painting my own nails and catching up on my shows while I wait for them to dry.  Over the years I have slowly gotten better at painting them and by now I have a pretty good collection of nail polishes so I  wanted to share my top 5 favorite nail polishes with you, maybe we even share the same favorite!

My Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes

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Sit Back Sunday #5

Happy Sunday!

This week went by super fast and part of that was because it was Spring Break! I stayed at home, like always for Spring Break, I worked three days and Thursday and Friday I spent the days with my mom and sister, we shopped a lot!  Now it’s my last day of this vacation and no, I am not ready to go back to class but I have no choice! I always think things will be harder than they really turn out to be and school is no exception to that.

Sit Back Sunday

This week I did a some Spring shopping, if you want to see some of the things I bought, you can check out my Mini Spring Haul!  To that list, I also bought new bedding that I am absolutely in love with and I also got two more candles of the Georgia Peach because I am obsessed with that scent and luckily Bath & Body Works had a 2/$24 on the three wick candles.

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Birchbox Unboxing: March 2016

Welcome to another Birchbox Unboxing! I need to start finding a way to use the Birchboxes because I have quite a few now that I didn’t throw away because they are super cute.  This month’s box is no exception.  It is a beautiful geometric design with a great color scheme for the month of March.

Birchbox Unboxing: March 2016

Another thing that I absolutely love about this box is that it is makeup heavy, which almost never happens.  Keep on reading to see what I got in my Birchbox this month!

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Spring Fashion Inspiration

Lately I have been all about Spring, I even got new bedding today! This year I have seen the color light pink all over magazines.  This light pink is one of my favorite and it’s not the type of light pink that you dress babies with, its a light pink but with an edge because it’s a bit darker.  That color has been one of my top inspirations this Spring.  Another inspiration, which is probably very obvious, is flowers.  I love flowers all year round and Spring is when I find the best floral patterns and also I find lots of beautiful pictures of them on sites like WeHeartIt and Pinterest.

Spring Inspiration Board


I decided to get on Polyvore and simply browse all of the clothing and accessories and I made a board of all the things that I want to purchase for this and other Springs to come.  I hope this board inspires you the way it has inspired me.
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM
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Mini Spring Haul

Officially Spring is just around the corner but lately is has been feeling like it already.  Throughout these past weeks I have found out something about myself.  I found out that I actually do like all seasons of the year because it means change from weather, clothes, accessories, and even nail polish!

The season change always makes me want to shop so that I can be more with the season.  So today I wanted to share with you all my mini haul and they are all items that make me feel more like Spring. Enjoy!

Mini Spring Haul

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Sit Back Sunday #4

Happy Sunday!

I hope your Sunday is off to great start!  Mine has started with homework, which isn’t exciting but I am doing it now so I can have a lazy Sunday the rest of the day.  This week has been a really great week.  School has been very chill this week so I have had time to relax and watch some of my favorite shows.  This week I have been better about what I ate and this coming week I want to continue the good eating habits but also workout more.

Sit Back Sunday

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Beauty Tips & Tricks

I have always loved everything beauty related since I was much younger, my favorite presents included pretend makeup.  I remember going to school with a purse full of that fake makeup and lots of lipgloss.  At the age of 13 I started wearing real makeup and I was so excited that my mom had finally let me!! That was about 8 years ago and my passion for all things beauty has only grown.  Throughout the years I have learned many tips and tricks when it comes to beauty.  Some I have read from magazines or blogs, watched on YouTube, and others I discovered on my own.

Today I want to share with you my beauty tips and tricks.  I would also like to add that I am not a professional but these are the tips that I have found that work for me and I hope that work for you too.  Enjoy!!

Beauty Tips & Tricks

1. Watch a show while painting your nails.  If you are anything like me, then you get impatient while waiting on your nails to dry.  I would always get super bored and, of course, my nails would then get ruined because I want to do other things.  I started watching Netflix while I do my nails and it makes the waiting time go by super fast so my nails look better.

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