February 2016 Favorites

This month flew by!! I had so much going on with school which kind of stressed me out but  it was still a great month because I watched a lot of tv on my spare time.  Most people would say that watching a lot of tv is bad but for me there is nothing like binge watching shows because it helps me escape and relax from a homework filled day.  I realized I watched a lot of tv this month and in my favorites you will see what I mean.

February 2016 Favorites

So let’s get started on this month’s favorites! Enjoy!

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Sit Back Sunday #3

Happy Sunday!!

This week was CRAZY!!! I had four test plus other assignments and quizzes so I was studying at all times this week.  Luckily I had this week off from work so it gave me plenty of time to focus on school.  Overall I think the studying really helped because I think I did pretty good on all my tests.  Other than that I would basically watch Parks & Recreation all day, yes even while studying sometimes.  I’ve also been starting to get that creative flow back, the one I had when I first started blogging.  I plan to start blogging back to normal and try my hardest not to skip dates, that’s if school let’s me (5 classes are no joke!!)

Sit Back Sunday

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Birchbox Unboxing: February 2016

As always I was very excited to receive this months box.  I don’t peak at the boxes I’m going to get anymore because a) I don’t really have times these days and b) it is much more fun for the box to be a surprise!

First of all I absolutely love the design of the box so much! I think it is super girly but simple which is a lot like my style.  I don’t like to save the boxes because if I did, I would have a clutter in my room.  This one is so cute, though, that I am definitely going to save it!  So enough about the box, keep reading to see what I got this month in my Birchbox. Enjoy!

Birchbox Unboxing: February 2016

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Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the first kinds of makeup I ever used so I am really picky when it comes to it.  I really like eyeliners but there are few that I actually end up loving.  While I am picky, I really do like to try them out to see if I find that is better than the one I use currently.  So when I saw that I got the Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner in my January Birchbox, I was excited!

I have been using it for about a month now so I decided to share my thoughts on this liquid liner.  Keep reading to see whether or not it made it the small list of liners that I love. Enjoy!

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner

I had actually never used a fat liquid liner in my life before because I honestly didn’t see the point to a fat liner, I just thought it would give me a big line and I’m not really into that.  I few weeks before I got the liner though, I saw someone use a fat liner and it kind of made me want to try it out.  I was really excited to try this eyeliner out but also scared since I was only used to my slanted eyeliner.

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Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! I have always like Valentine’s Day, even when I would spend them single.  I do enjoy them with my boyfriend now, this will be out 5th Valentine’s Day together!

Anyway, I decided to make three outfit ideas for this lovely day.  Whether you are spending Valentine’s day with your significant other or spending it with friends, these outfits are sure to fit the occasion.  I hope these outfits help you find inspiration, enjoy!


Valentine's Day Outfit #1
This first outfit is probably my favorite out of the three.  I absolutely love the flowy skirt!  This outfit looks very put together but it is also a very comfortable outfit.  I see this outfit being paired with a voluminous ponytail.

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Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

This is probably my third time taking about the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight but I honestly fell in love with this product!!  I had never tried a Clinique product and while I have heard good things over the brand, I never really felt the need to use their products, that is until now!!

So, while you already know that I love this product, I wanted to review it more in depth so you can see why I love this product so much.  Enjoy!

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting HighlightClinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

When I fist saw that it was a pink highlight shade, I was kind of scared that it wouldn’t look good on me.  I had tried a powdered pink highlight once and it only made my skin look dark, and kind of ridiculous because the highlight looked more like an eyeshadow.  I decided to try out the highlight either way and I absolutely loved the results!  It gives such a sweet glow that isn’t over the top.  It also blends into the skin super easy and smooth.  I think it looks great on my skin tone and it fits me better during this season because my skin tone lighter.

Other than making my skin look amazing, I like the packaging because you really only need a few glides on your face to get a nice glow which really doesn’t use up much product so it will definitely last a good time.

The highlight retails at $22, which is a pretty good price since other highlighters cost a bit more than this one.  I would definitely  purchase this highlighter after I use up the one I got in my Play! by Sephora box.

So that was my short, but much loved, review of my favorite highlighter right now.

Have you tried the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight?

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Life Update


Ever since the 2016 started I haven’t had a good blogging schedule and it’s really starting to bug at me.  Starting school hasn’t helped either as this semester I am taking 5 classes.  Because of this blogging instability, I have asked myself if I truly want to keep blogging and the answer is yes!! I do want to keep blogging but just like anything that is good, I have to work hard to keep this blog and better it.

I usually blog 5 times a week and I’ve tried to blog less but I don’t really like that so I am going to try harder to blog 5 times a week and also take my pictures one day so that days that I get home tired, all I have to do is write my post and the pictures are already taken care of.  I also want to be more active on social media.  My favorite platforms are Instagram and Snapchat.  You can find my accounts on the sidebar or you can find me on both accounts by the username “kaarlaa88”

While there has been a lot of things going on this year so far that got in the way of my blogging, that situation is getting better.  I also have two weeks off work so I will definitely use this time to get back into blogging consistently.

Also stay tuned because I will be posting a makeup review later today!

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It’s a Journey | Healthy Me

It’s been a while since I have done a “Healthy Me” post and I wanted to do one again but I wasn’t really sure what to talk about.  Lately I don’t feel like I am healthy or like I am trying hard to reach my goals.  I almost felt like the wrong person to be writing about being healthy.  I was feeling this way until I realized that for someone like me, that has a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food, can give some insight and maybe someone out there feels the same and now they know they are not alone.  So today I want to talk about how a healthy lifestyle is a journey and tell you a bit more about mine. Enjoy!

It's a Journey | Healthy Me

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