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It is currently dead week for me meaning that finals are next week. ย It also means that a lot of students are panicking or will start to panic soon.

For me finals are something I just want to get over with. ย There have been a hand full of finals that I have truly been nervous for, Anatomy & Physiology for example.

There is no doubt this is a stressful time, especially if this final could make you pass or fail the class, again Anatomy & Physiology for me. ย Because of this I have decided to share some of my tips to get through finals week! I hope this helps out all the student. Enjoy!

Getting Through Finals

Avoid Cramming:ย Most people like to study the night before the test but then feel fried once it’s time to take the test. ย Instead plan out a few weeks depending on how hard the subject is for you. ย This way you are better prepared and will feel better about the test.

Get a Goodnight Sleep:ย This is important because it helps energize you body and it will help you concentrate on your test the next day.

Have a Designated Study Area:ย It is important that the area you decide to study at is free from distractions and is clean. ย I like to study in my room because it is where I am the most comfortable. ย I always make sure to have my room clean and have the door shut so I am not hearing my family’s convos. ย Make sure this study are has all the supplies you will need to study.

Take Breaks:ย I have to take lots of break when I study or else I start day dreaming instead of absorbing the information I need. ย My favorite way to refresh my mind is to go outside and get some fresh air. ย Other times I just get on social media but I have to be careful to not go over my break time.

Be Prepared:ย Not only is it important to have your study area prepared, it is also important to have every thing you need for your exams. ย The night before pack everything you will need, make sure you have extra pens, pencils, or anything else you might need.

Eat!:ย Eating something healthy will help you concentrate for you test. ย It will also keep your tummy from making loud noises in a silent classroom. Make sure to at least have a snack before your exam.

Study the Way That Helps You:ย Everybody is different so what might work for someone else may not work for you. ย If you haven’t already found the best way for you to study now is a good time to start. ย You can try study groups, going back and summarizing pages or paragraphs, flash cards or many other options. ย Personally I flashcards work for me but only if they are colorful. ย It takes more time but it really helps me.

Quilt:ย Speaking of flashcards, Quizlet is a great website where you can look at other people flash cards over many subjects and you can even create you own flashcards. ย They have an app as well so instead of carrying a lot of flashcards you can just look at them through your phone. ย It has many way that you can quiz yourself and this app helped me when I had to learn root words, and terminology.

Wear Comfy Clothes:ย Wear something you are comfortable in. ย Some may say dress for success so you can feel successful during your test, while others say to wear cozy clothes like sweats. ย I say wear what makes you comfortable because it is you who is taking the test. ย I usually wear leggings or sweats but I like for my makeup to be done because it makes me feel ready but I still feel cozy.

Relax:ย Last but certainly not least, relax!! You will get through these test in no time and do better than you thought you would, just take a deep breath! ย About 15 minutes or so before the test I stop studying and let my mind relax before I take my test.

Those are my tips to get through finals, I hope they help y’all out!

Are you done with finals or just getting started?

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