Favorite Eight: September 2015


So today is the last day of September and wow has this month flew by!! A lot of things have happened this month, the two most significant being getting back to the swing of things at school and the fact that I got more serious with my blog.  Even though this has been a busy month, it has also been a great month with fall starting and I feel like my blog is going somewhere and that feels great.  I have many favorite things this month so I will be sharing with you my favorite eight for September. Enjoy!

Favorite Eight: September 2015

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L’Oréal Paris La Lacque Lip Crayon


Even though I don’t wear them as much as I would want, I am a total lipstick junkie.  I see a color and I need to get it, especially if it’s a pink or peach toned lipstick.  So while reading the September edition of Glamour Magazine, I stubbled upon L’Oréal Paris La Lacque Lip Crayon in Choco-Lacque.  I was immediately drawn to the pink lip crayon because 1) it is pink and 2) because it shown to repeat Karlie Kloss’ makeup look, and I am a bit obsessed with her at the moment.  I went to the store that evening and picked up the lip product.

L'Oréal Paris La Lacque in Choco-Lacque

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Warm Weather Fall Outfit

Warm Weather Fall Outfit


So it is fall but I live in Texas so the weather outside is still summer weather.  I can’t really wear my cute sweaters and boots out right now because I would melt!! Because of that, I decided to make a cute outfit that is wearable on a hot day but has autumnal colors.

I hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.28.39 PM

The Fall Tag


It is officially fall and I for one could not be more excited! It is such a lovely time when the weather is nice, the air is crisp, all the wonderful holidays, and most exciting of all it is sweater weather!! There are many things I love about the fall season so I thought I would do the fall tag. I basically got questions from other tags and I will be answering the ones I like the most.

Hello Fall

Favorite fall lip product?
This fall I am most excited to wear burgundy lip colors.  I used them a bit last year but was not fully confident in them but this year I am ready.  I have already bought my first color for the fall: Dark Side by MAC!! Continue reading

Liebster Awards

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Carly Tamara from Pretty Style of Living.  You should definitely check her blog out, she has great makeup, fashion and general life post!

Firstly I want to thank Carly because it truly makes me happy that someone would like my blog enough to nominate me! So thank you so much!!

These awards only have a few rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog
Answer the questions asked by the nominator
Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers
Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer

Carly’s Questions:

Who is your idol?
My idol is Kalyn Nicholson.  She is an amazing Youtuber who has great fashion sense and is always in such a happy, positive mood.  Watching her videos and reading her blog gave me a push to have my own blog. Continue reading

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials


Fall is officially almost here and I am beyond excited!! It is such a beautiful season, the weather is amazing, all the wonderful holidays, and of course the great makeup and fashion!!  I have created a set that includes my must have items for the fall! You can click on the board and it will take you to Polyvore for more info on where to get the items.

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Stud Love | Earring Collection


I love studs!!  They are my favorite type of earrings and slowly becoming the only type of earring I wear.  They are cute and come in different sizes, colors, and designs so you can wear them with anything.  Earring Collection - Studs

Because I love them so much, I thought I would share a few favorites in my collection.

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