Florida Vacay!!☀️🐬👙


I just got back from the most wonderful place, Destin, FL!!! I went there with my boyfriend and his family for a week and I had a blast! I got to see dolphins, ride on a speed boat. Most of all I got to enjoy the beautiful beach.  I would go a bit further than most people, along with my bf of curse, and we would just jump them as they came to us! It was such a blast!  Our condo was well decorated and by the second day I felt at home.

View from Condo

View from Condo

Although it rained for a day or two, once the sun was out the water was this beautiful emerald color and I could see the sand at the bottom of the ocean! Since there was some pretty good waves, my favorite activity was jumping them.


Hanging out Indoors

Hanging out Indoors

It also happened to be 4th of July weekend so we saw gorgeous fireworks from the beach!  I actually could not believe that people popped fireworks right there on the beach.

IMG_0573I had so much fun in Florida!!!  Now, though, I am getting ready to go to my second vacuum this summer.  In a day I leave to Mexico to finally see my families completed house and spend some quality time with my family from over there.  I will also take picture to show you all!

I hope y’all are having as much fun this summer as I am!

Karla ❤

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